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Paws here! Pet pics, dog debut and a cat sofa!

Don’t Judge Me!

With TV’s favourite legal eagle Robert Rinder as his owner, French Bulldog Rocco is ready to unleash…

The boss has been so busy with his judicial duties and hosting Good Morning Britain that he left it to me to sort out the Chanukah presents. Hopefully he’s found time to look at my list and will save the Versace dog bowl for the eighth night.

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Of course, I’ll settle for a chew and a bandana midweek because, for me, it’s more about the giving, as illustrated by the custom collar I got for Schnitzel, whose human is the judge’s friend, actress Louisa Clein (aka Emmerdale’s Maya Stepney).

Versace dog bowl

Louisa is Jewish, so I knew a cheap Chanukah chachka wasn’t right, but it was for Schnitzel as Cavapoochons are easily pleased.

Buying for Susanna Reid was more tricky as the Good Morning Britain host was reluctant to snuggle with me when we appeared together on Gogglebox.

Rob and his dog!

But I’m not bitter (she’s a cat lover!) so I bought her a face mask embossed with self-portrait. Of me. Well, what did you expect?

The next gift was for Benedict, who is a mate of the judge’s from his Manchester Uni days.

But what does one buy dogless acting royalty?

Yes, not even Covid could tempt Cumberbatch to purchase a pup, so I got him a pint glass (engraved with my likeness) to remind him that ‘walking the dog’ is the best excuse to go to the pub.

Now you’re all wondering what I’ve bought for Rinder? Well, I’m not saying because yuchnas can’t keep secrets!

Happy Chanukah!

Love, Rocco Rinder


We asked you to send in pics of your animals in Jewish poses. Here is Fergie Salisbury, a dog from Manchester who can’t wait for the lighting of the Shabbat candles.

Please keep sending pics of your pet to brigit@jewishnews.co.uk

Fergie Salisbury


Dog Debut

We knew Channing Tatum was a good guy. Why else would the man who put the Magic into Mike make his directorial debut with a buddy movie about a man and his dog?

In Dog, which opens in February 2022, Army Ranger Briggs (Tatum) and his dog Lulu (a Belgian Malinois dog) buckle into a 1984 Ford Bronco and race down the Pacific Coast in the hope of making it on time to a fellow soldier’s funeral. Sounds dark? Not with a dog in the driving seat!

Channing Tatum

Over to the vet

If you don’t like leaving your cat, dog or ferret alone during the festive season, and plan to travel abroad, Two By Two Veterinary Centre in Finchley can help you fathom the changes to pet travel.

Now that we’ve left the European Union, GB-issued pet passports are no longer valid and you will need an Animal Health Certificate. Dr Andrew Monchar can sort this 10 days before travel and for each trip you take. He’ll know your pet has met the correct health and identification requirements before you head off, as his practice has ‘official veterinarian’ status from the Animal and Plant Health Agency and is able to issue the correct certificates. And don’t think you can sneak that iguana into Northern Ireland without a microchip implant and a valid rabies vaccination because you can’t. Just ask Dr Monchar – or, better still, pay him a visit.

twobytwovets.co.uk / 020 3865 8905

Food for the dogs

Jewish pet owners might have been serving their dogs pork for their entire lives – without knowing. That’s the revelation from the scientists and entrepreneurs behind Omni, a vegan pet food business that plans to revolutionise the way we feed our dogs.

Omni co-founder Guy Sandelowsky says: “Pet food label ingredients often say ‘meat and animal derivatives’ rather than listing the individual ingredients of animal origin. So dog food labelled as chicken, beef or lamb might actually also contain pork.” As this is the dog’s dinner and not your own, you might not be fazed, but Omni cares and especially if you want to know what exactly is in your pet’s food. Time then to try Guy’s 100 percent meat-free canine chow, which contains no pork, additives or fillers, but is full of sweet potato, lentils, brown rice and pumpkin. Ask your dog if you can try it.

Catty behaviour

For the kind of comfort a dog enjoys and a cat expects. Pet sofa in pink velvet and copper – £89 at www.made.com

Source: Jewish News

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